Here Starts My Legend

Welcome to my station,

I hope you had a very nice trip surfing the internet and ending up here in my inspirational station.

My name is Tasneem, an ordinary human being living every moment in life searching and hoping to find my LEGEND as Paulo Coelho called it in The Alchemist. I am a full time employee and part time MBA student (few steps left to finish my thesis). I believe in the balance between Body, Mind and Soul which I practice through my plant-based diet, yoga, praying and expanding my knowledge.

The purpose of my blog is to share my thoughts, ideas and interests. I also aim to hear and learn from your experiences, and opinions through your kind comments. You are invited to express your thoughts and feelings as you wish on my blogs. There are no rules, no boundaries and no judgments but respect. Respect and values are extremely important to me. I mean your freedom stops when you harm others in a way or another, so lets stick to the freedom zone only.

Lets start our Journey here.


  1. I will be as always your first supporter .. You’re really an inspiration to me 💕 Congrats my dear .. This is just the biggining 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  2. Best of luck .. keep the great work up 👌🏻
    I beleive in you and i know you will nail it ❤️
    Cant wait for more of your thoughts and discussions !

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  3. I’m so proud of you tasneem … you are such a wonderful and inspiring personality.

    So excited to read your blogs 😍

    Best of luck dear … keep it up 💪🏻

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